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My Story

Why I'm Running

I have always believed that local government is the voice of the people - it's the reason why government exists. Unfortuntely, It doesn't always feel that way.   


I'm Darlene Vigil and I'm running for Taos County Commissioner, District 3, because I have a heart for the community and a heart for public service. I believe my 31 years of experience in government and public service can contribute to changing the feel and outlook of our local government.  


Unity in Community 

I believe in the wisdom of the community, the value of listening to each other and the amazing things we can accomplish when we give space for healthy conversation, respectful disagreement, and treating others as we would like to be treated.

There are many concerns and passions the community of Taos shares. That means we need lots of positive communication to take place between governments, special entities, and community members in order to come up with viable solutions. Together we can start making positive differences. 

Living in Taos for most of my life, I have seen family members, extended family, friends, and community members struggle. I share the concerns and passion for the issues so many of us living in Taos face. Our urgent need for affordable housing; opportunities for our youth to stay in the community; the strength and stability of our hospital; the state of our roads; the care of our elders; the protection of our lands, waters, and agricultural heritage; the care of our homeless community members; our need for a thoughtful approach to growth; and sustainable, diversified economic development and living wages.

The question we must ask ourselves is this: How are we going to make positive change? The issues are real and have real consequence for the future of Taos and future generations.  

Local government is the voice of the people, it’s the reason why government exists. I want to be your voice at the table, to represent you and what matters to you.

I'm Darlene Vigil and I ask for your vote of support if you live in District 3, and for your voice of support if you don't. As a County Commissioner, I pledge to work diligently for all of Taos County, always remembering why and who I serve!

"I want to be your voice at the table, to represent you and what matters to you."

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